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Study Visa

Study Visa

Canada is a premier study abroad destination because it offers top-quality education that fits in the budget. Moreover, students can work as they study and even have expedited pathways to permanent residency after the completion of their degrees with accredited Canadian universities. Not surprisingly, thousands of students from around the world come to Canada every year to study. If you want to pursue international education in Canada, a study visa gives you a start with the process. It is a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) which allows students to stay in Canada for a temporary period until they complete their study program.

The Study Visa process is a complex one as you need to find a designated learning institute. You can apply for a permit once you get accepted into the institute. There are other formalities regarding documentation and requirements set by the government. You have to deal with the complexities, and there is always a risk of refusal. At Bright Move Immigration, we help you access study visa permits without delays and hassles. We can also guide you for a successful transition from study visas to work permits.

Acceptance Letter

We make sure you get an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution that sets you up for
applying for a study

Proof of Financial Support

You will require documentation to prove that you have sufficient funds. We guide you and ensure you have proper documentation.

Supporting Documentation

Extensive supporting documentation has to be given along with the study permit applications. Our experts show you the way.

Study Visa Benefits

The Canadian Study Visa gives you access to international education opportunities in one of the leading study abroad destinations. The benefits go much beyond the educational advantage as the visa serves as your golden ticket to an incredible lifestyle and bright future.

  • Affordable university fees and access to quality education in Canadian universities
  • Optimal living costs and a secure environment for international students
  • Work on a part-time basis as an international student even without a work permit
  • Bring along your spouse and children to Canada with your student visa
  • Opens the route for Canadian Permanent Residence after completing your degree

Get a step closer to your Canadian study abroad goal with your Study Visa Permit. We are CICC-accredited immigration consultants and have complete knowledge about the eligibility requirements and process for the student visa. We can even help you get a letter of acceptance to take the process ahead. Rest assured, you will get an excellent start to your international education aspirations with our consultants showing you the way.

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