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Caregiver And Nanny

Caregiver And Nanny

Moving to Canada as a caregiver or nanny is a popular option for qualified individuals looking for viable immigration alternatives. A live-in caregiver refers to a person competent to provide care for the elderly, children, and persons with disabilities. They live in the employers’ home as a part of their employment arrangement. The applicant and employer need to understand the norms of the Caregiver Program and follow the regulations to stay on the right side of the immigration laws.

While the immigration procedures for caregivers have been streamlined in recent years, they still involve a complicated legal process. It makes sense to have an expert guiding you throughout the journey to ensure success. At Bright Move Immigration, we specialize in caregiver and nanny work visa and help applicants immigrate to Canada through this route. We also guide you to eventually find a pathway for Permanent Residency of Canada as a caregiver.

Home Child Care Provider Pilot

You can immigrate to Canada as a childcare provider
with a valid job offer,
language level, and
relevant experience in

Home Support Worker Pilot

The Home Support Worker Pilot covers caregivers
looking after the elderly or
people with disabilities
or chronic health

Temporary Foreign Workers (TWFW)

You can start working on a temporary basis, gain experience as a caregiver, and apply for a different visa under either of the pilot programs eventually.

Caregiver And Nanny Immigration Benefits

Canada is a country that cares for caregivers, bringing opportunities for these professionals to live, work, and settle in the country with their families. The Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot offer immense benefits for applicants.

  • Employers do not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for a job offer
  • Applicants can switch employers quickly with these occupation-specific work permits
  • Open work permits and/or study permits for the immediate family of caregivers
  • A direct pathway for permanent residence for caregivers and nannies
  • Acceptance of a large number of caregivers and their families every year

While the benefits of this option are attractive enough, you need to ensure that you know and fulfill the eligibility requirements before applying. Our qualified RCIC can guide you and get you a step ahead of the eligibility norms, assess the validity of your job offer, and streamline study and work permits for your family members. We can also assist you in exploring your PR options eventually.

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