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Provincial Nominee Programs

Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Programs are among the most popular and fastest-growing Canadian immigration pathways. Over the years, the federal government has increased the annual allocations of provinces for their respective PNPs. These programs work in coordination with the federal government and approve permanent residency applications from talented and skilled individuals. It is an ideal alternative for immigration aspirants wishing to settle in a specific province of Canada. It speeds up the process for deserving and interested applicants facing bottlenecks with the other pathways.

All Canadian provinces, except Quebec, have uniquely formulated and state-run PNPs. These include distinctive eligibility conditions and rules that help to identify immigrants who can successfully settle therein. So you have good chances of approval if you find the right province according to your profile. At Bright Move Immigration, we can help you pick a perfect match and help you move a step closer with an expedited PNP process that enables you to secure your PR at the earliest.

Find the right PNP

We help you compare different provincial programs and determine your eligibility to find the right one for you.

Apply to your chosen PNP

Our RCICs guide you with the submission of your application directly to the province or territory of your choice.

Obtain a Provincial Nomination certificate

We make sure that your application is good enough to secure a nomination by the province so that you can apply for Canadian permanent residence.

Provincial Nominee Program Benefits

With Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), immigrants get direct nominations from the provinces that want to secure immigrants who can contribute to their economy. The benefits of PNP extend to the applicants as well.

  • Offers the easiest roadmap to settle in a Canadian province of your choice
  • Opens immense job opportunities as you get nomination only when in demand
  • Works without a mandatory requirement of employment or job offer
  • Brings chances of getting through even with a low level of language proficiency
  • A speedy process with direct nomination completing in less than six months

If you are an immigration aspirant, the PNP opens up vast opportunities to settle in a province of your choice and secure your PR visa without any obstacles. But everything boils down to finding the apt province and program that get you the best chances. With our expertise and experience, we can help you find the ideal alternative and complete the process smoothly and quickly. Let us help you get started and move a step ahead with your immigration journey.

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