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About Us

About Us

Meet Our Expert CICC Member

Pankaj leads the Bright Move team with a wealth of knowledge and personal experience. He landed in Canada a decade ago as an international student from India and faced the hassles and challenges that immigrants typically come across. While aligning with the new lifestyle was initially difficult, the real challenge he faced was regarding visa and immigration formalities.

Pankaj learned things the hard way and decided he would pursue a career in Canadian immigration once he completed his education. Eventually, he got his CICC license and came up with the idea of establishing an organization to guide and assist aspiring immigrants in attaining their Canadian dream. The idea took form as Bright Move Immigration!

Your Dreams Inspire Us

As we have been through the challenges of immigration, we understand how daunting it gets to navigate the journey without someone who can show you the way. Bright Move Immigration aspires to help clients fulfill their immigration dreams and goals. Being an RCIC, we have the advantage that sets us apart. Beyond our expertise, our vision to help you with the best solutions makes us a consultant-partner you can rely on. Explore unmatched services and expertise of CICC-licensed experts. Let us fulfill your immigration goals as a student, professional, or entrepreneur.

Why Choose Us

Bright Move Immigration is your one-stop destination to make your Canadian dream a reality. Here are some reasons to choose us as your consultant:

  • CICC-licensed experts you can trust
  • Student visas, PRs, Family Class, Express Entry
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding
  • Transparent pricing policy
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