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Obtaining a work permit to work in Canada is typically a two-step process. It begins with the Canadian employer submitting an application for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Additionally, they have to provide a comprehensive list of Canadians who applied for the same position and the ones who interviewed for it. They have to furnish a detailed explanation of the reasons why these candidates were not hired. Employers may also be inspected for compliance after the work permit is issued.

As an employer, you can expect the process to be complicated with the long list of formalities it entails. LMIA applications require extensive documentation and statistical tabulation, and it is best to have experts working on them. We, at Bright Move Immigration, are qualified RCICs who make the entire process smooth and seamless. Rest assured, you can have the right candidate joining your business as an employee within a minimal time span.

LMIA-Based Work Permit

Employers looking to hire foreign workers have to validate that these candidates meet the requirements of the job position listed in the LMIA application.

Global Talent Stream LMIA (Pilot Program)

This stream is a part of the Innovation and Skills Plan
that aims to make
Canada a global leader for

LMIA-Based Work Permit under PNPs

Provincial Nominee Programs let qualified professionals enter and stay in Canada even as they fail to qualify under
the Express Entry

Visa Benefits

As an employer applying for LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), you need to comply with immigration policies and processes. Further, you also have to observe requirements related to provincial employment, labor and safety in your workplace. The obligations and responsibilities of employers include:

  • Following the guidelines of Service Canada/ESDC and CIC
  • Adhering to the criteria set by Canadian immigration regulations
  • Following the licensing and certification requirements as needed
  • Orienting and training new employees
  • Provide Immigration Services Experience Agents

Your obligations as an employer and the rights of the employee depend on diverse factors, such as the type of job role and the requirements of the program under which the worker is recruited. As your LMIA experts, we can guide you about following the norms to ensure you can complete the formalities within stipulated timelines and costs. We make sure that your business gets the qualified foreign workers it needs to drive growth and innovation.

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