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Permanent Residence (PR)

Permanent Residence

Canada is among the best countries to live in, with its cultural diversity, welcoming ambiance, and excellent lifestyle. It comes as no surprise that thousands of people seek Canadian PR (Permanent Residence) every year. The good thing is that the country keenly embraces the idea of having immigrants enter and contribute to its economic growth and development. The intake has grown significantly in the last decade, and the numbers are all set to reach record highs in 2021 and beyond. Getting a PR visa opens you to the opportunities of living and working in the country and eventually becoming a Canadian citizen.

But you need to understand the eligibility requirements and follow the right process to obtain the Permanent Resident visa. At Bright Move Immigration, we list all the PR visa alternatives for you and help you pick the best one. Canada has diverse immigration solutions that can get you in with a permanent residence status. We make sure that you apply through the one that matches your profile and circumstances. Our qualified RCICs are capable of deciding the right way for you and getting you started with the application.

Express Entry Program

If you are a skilled professional, tradesperson, or have Canadian work experience, Express Entry is the easiest way to get a Permanent Resident visa.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

With PNP, you can apply with one of the Canadian provinces directly and live and work
as a permanent resident

Business Immigration Program

Investors and entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Canada can gain a PR status with the business immigration program.

Permanent Residence Benefits

A PR status is your golden ticket to study, live, and work in Canada, just as the locals do. But the benefits of permanent residence extend much beyond. Here are some reasons you should consider investing the effort.

  • Get the right to bring your dependant family along to Canada and start a life here
  • Access to free education for your children and healthcare for the family
  • Extend or renew your PR visa every five years and stay in the country
  • Enjoy a safe and secure environment in an immigrant-friendly nation
  • Get a roadmap to availing Canadian citizenship eventually

The Canadian PR process can be very time-consuming and complex, and it makes sense to have a seasoned professional guiding you from start to end. Not doing things right can lead to delay and even refusal, and it is the last thing you will want to encounter. Our CICC-licensed consultants make sure that your PR application is on the right track so that it is processed for approval at the earliest.

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